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The Legacy 600

With its rugged airliner heritage, the super-midsize Legacy 600 works as hard as you do, delivering over 99% dispatch reliability coupled with exceptional capabilities and remarkable economy. Up to 14 passengers enjoy a three-zone largest-in-class cabin, the largest lavatory, and the largest in-flight accessible baggage compartment in the segment. It all adds up to a large value as well – and an aircraft built to take on virtually every challenge.



Simple, Fast, Trustable. Book your private jet charter 24/7 with our team, Worldwide service. Market leader.

flying private

our unparalleled attention to service detail takes your flying experience to new heights — whether through our personal connections with our trusted Aviation Advisors, well-appointed cabins supported by experienced crew, or curated Member Benefits beyond the jet.


Access unrivaled value and flexibility

Fly-MSA offers multiple ways to buy and ways to fly on private jets ‒ including private charters with guaranteed availability and single seats on shared flights. XO provides an asset-light alternative to full and fractional private jet ownership and the rigid, non-refundable jet card model.


For optimal comfort and enjoyment, cabin amenities include two 17-inch flat-screen monitors, DVD players with individual controls and posh seats that fully recline. Twenty-two large windows and full LED lighting makes the cabin feel exceptionally spacious. A roomy, private lavatory is aft, while a second is optional (forward-positioned).

The galley is in a class of its own, including a cutting board, three electrical outlets, microwave or convection oven, and a long list of optional appliances: refrigerator, wine chiller, larger or second over, or oven/microwave combo. If that’s not enough, the 600 outdoes its competitors again in baggage space, housing 240 cubic feet of flight-accessible storage.



A different approach, focused on security and comfort

Health & safety

FLY-MSA provides a secure way to travel in uncertain times ‒ with the assurance of our operational excellence, exemplary safety record, and exacting cleanliness standards.

Luxury Travel

Fly-MSA offers unparalleled service and support to provide an elevated travel experience from end-to-end.

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Private Flying

While business travel has been slow to recover, leisure travel started to become more popular again in late 2020, with much more expected in 2021. Even with vaccine distribution and reduced restrictions, many people still don’t trust commercial airlines for their personal and leisure travel needs. With a decrease in commercial airline travel trust, many flyers turned to private jets and aircraft in 2020.

This trend of flyers utilizing private jets for personal and leisure travel rather than business travel is likely to continue in 2021. Many anticipate that business travel will become less important in the age of teleconferencing even when the threat of COVID-19 subsides. However, after extended times in lockdowns, the desire to travel in luxury and visit must-see destinations will likely only continue to increase as more and more locations open up.

Increased Private Flying

digital technology

increased sanitation efforts

More Routes to Eliminate Connecting Flights

jet deals

As part of our commitment to add value to your travel experience and our promise to bring you the most competitive prices available, we have compiled these special deals on our most popular routes. Check back often as our private jet deals are always changing.

Sunset Surfing

Sunny SoCal

San Diego, CA

Flying from Toluca to San Diego, Ca

on July X

at 12:00 pm

seat from $2000

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